Sunday, February 20, 2011

Batch 55 Collections

To all my beloved fashion shoppers:

Batch 55 Collections is up!

Sorry Babes for the delay of updates ....

Collections that helps you to find the ideal wardrobe staple ....

 16 items to fulfill ur shopping craze usual top notch material  

Bringing the sexy back for the 3RD TIME



Are you ready to sexy back?

Slip into this seductive maxi dress...Start browsing!!!

Love Modello

Rain & Jules

Hot lacey cheongsam dress

HOT SELLING (restockable)

" Through experience while im in  Offline Blogshop before CNY i was surprised when one of the customer ( Charming Chinese lady)  choose a Seetrough Plain  Cheongsam Dress...she even asked her BF if she can wear it ... im waiting for the guys responds.He look at the dress silence and slowly nodded his head.I smile and told myself its a last piece, how to get one for myself?"
Got it and it hotter than what i expected
Available in
color: black,purple, blue (inner is not included)
free size

Boyfriend quarter panel top

Available in
color: grey &  purple
size: S & M

status: purple M size available

Ruffle bib long top

 Available in
color: red.grey,brown,white,purple,black
free size

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Biker jacket

Available in
color: black and brown
size: S-M
RM65.OO only

Trendy embelished sleeve dress


Available in
color: black,blue,white,yellow
free size

Corset chiffon top

Available in
color: balck/white,pink/black,red/black,pink,grey
free size

Satiny bag

Available in
color: gold and purple

Backless fitted maxi dress

1st -2nd batch SOLD OUT
Very Low Sexy Back - Fits like a dream

Tribal red

Stunning maxi dress cut daringly low at the back back, yet fits like a dream.Completes the look with seductivity yet simple.

Intricately Animal Print

Hypnotik Geometrical

Splash Brown

Available in
color: red,animal print,hypnotic geometrical (purple),brown
free size
click the title for more pics

Sweet FOS buttons up

Available in
color: light green,cream,muted blue
RM 29.OO